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Beauhorn Virtuoso Loudspeaker

The Virtuosos

Naked Music Beauhorn’s Virtuosos reveal the emotional intensity of music with a clarity and realism that others simply do not achieve, giving instant gratification of your aural desires: music that can reach into your soul and touch your deepest feelings. Only Virtuosos offer such Nirvana.

Beauhorn Obligato Amplifier

The Obligato

This page’s content © 2000 Thomas Transducers, hosted now for informational purposes only. Obligato SET Amplifier Our Obligato amplifier is designed to complement very high efficiency loudspeakers like our Virtuoso range. As a result it features a very low residual noise level and so gives no

beauhorn phase plug

Phase Plugs

Beauhorn Virtuoso speaker with cherry wood Phase Plug. Phase Plugs The polished cherry ‘doorknobs’ in the centre of the drive unit cone are the Phase Plugs. They’re attached to the centre pole piece of the driver magnet, (although people sometimes think they’re attached to the

Bristol Sound & Vision Show

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2001 Report

This was our second appearance at this show. We got an award, this time. As Hi-Fi + reported in the May/June issue: “Beauhorn were achieving their normal excellent results, the compliantly mounted (a la Townshend Seismic Stand) horn speakers being driven from a Nottingham Analogue

Virtuoso Reference (DX4) Reviews

EnjoyTheMusic, May 2001 by Bill Gaw “Would I buy these guys at $8,500 a pair? Most certainly. Would I buy five for a super surround system at $42,500 with another $3000 for subwoofers? Yes, if I wanted superb surround sound using SET amps, comparable to

London HiFi Show 2000

Turning pale at Hi-Fi 2000

To meet the growing trend towards paler furniture, Beauhorn introduced the Virtuoso speakers in an eye-catching ‘ivory and ebony’ livery at London’s Hi-Fi Show 2000, 21-24 September, 2000. The beautiful new maple veneered cabinets cost the same as the current cherry finished ones – 3550/4835

Beauhorn Virtuoso speaker with cherry wood cap.

Enjoyment boost for Lowther fans

  Beauhorn press release (circa 2000) Beauhorn, the British horn loudspeaker specialist, now offers enhanced services enjoyment for to devotees of Lowther driven speakers. By replacing the standard phase plug (the power black bullet-shape in the centre of the cone) with a larger, hand-turned wooden