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Bristol Sound & Vision Show

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2001 Report

This was our second appearance at this show. We got an award, this time. As Hi-Fi + reported in the May/June issue: “Beauhorn were achieving their normal excellent results, the compliantly mounted (a la Townshend Seismic Stand) horn speakers being driven from a Nottingham Analogue

London Hi-Fi Show Report, 1999

  1999 23/26 September [Read the Stereo Times review of the Show. Adnam Arduman said “This was one of the very good sounds of the show…” Was he talking about Beauhorn? You bet!] IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS for Beauhorn The new venue, the Novotell,

Bristol Sound & Vision Show

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2000 Report

The Bristol show has grown in strength and popularity in recent years, so we thought we’d make an appearance this year. It was a good decision, and apart from the ten minutes when someone kindly locked the public out, we were busy the whole time.