London Hi-Fi Show Report, 1999


1999 23/26 September

[Read the Stereo Times review of the Show. Adnam Arduman said “This was one of the very good sounds of the show…” Was he talking about Beauhorn? You bet!]


The new venue, the Novotell, Hammersmith, London was popular with the public and our room was very well attended throughout. The growing popularity of valve amplifiers and recognition of their excellence at the high-end of audio was again in evidence, with the advent this year of the Kondo push-pull amplifiers. As with valve amplifiers, so with horn speakers, naturally enough. When we started development of ours seven years ago there were few to choose from. Now there are several excellent designs, including for the first time this year the Veritas version.

WE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to drop in on the other rooms, of course, and it was a very encouraging experience. There were speakers more eye catching than ours. There were speakers more financially challenging than ours (mostly the same ones, oddly). And there were speakers that sounded more impressive on first hearing. But it was a bit like watching TV with the contrast turned right up, it wasn’t real.
However, when it came to clear, relaxed, natural sound and firm imaging, our Virtuosos had no equal, as many visitors to our room confirmed. One London retailer told us “your sound was far and away the best”. Of course, he was right.

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