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Virtuoso Reference (DX4) Reviews

EnjoyTheMusic, May 2001 by Bill Gaw “Would I buy these guys at $8,500 a pair? Most certainly. Would I buy five for a super surround system at $42,500 with another $3000 for subwoofers? Yes, if I wanted superb surround sound using SET amps, comparable to

Beauhorn Obligato Amplifier

Obligato & Virtuoso Reviews

These review extracts were found on archived versions of but the links to their sources cannot always be found. Hi-Fi News, January 1999 by Steve Harris Reviewing the single-ended power amplifier. “… works well with the Thomas Virtuosos…” ” …lives up to the Thomas blurb, which

Virtuoso Bronze Review: Battle of the Little Big Horns

  Hi-Fi News, UK, July 1997 by Steve Harris “…in that it [the Virtuoso Bronze] does offer the same kind of dynamic, immediate performance as the bigger models, transparent enough to allow the life in the recordings to shine through… “Piano sound could be very

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Virtuoso Gold Review: Ear Waxings

Listener Magazine, USA July/August, 2000 by Chris Beeching “From a long term point of view the Beauhorns are very easy to live with. Once you’ve got used to their looks [he calls them ‘Victorian’ – we like to think they’re more Edwardian] you can treat

What Hi-Fi?

Beauhorn Virtuoso Loudspeaker Review: Beauhorn to be Wild

What Hi-Fi? review, August 2000 issue, pp 72/3 by Ketan Bharadia “…these Beauhorns produce some staggering results. Play large scale classical music such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and the Virtuosos deliver a fantastically fast and direct sound. …absolutely no smearing of leading edges: notes stop

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Beauhorn Virtuoso Loudspeaker Review

Hi-Fi + Magazine, UK, June/July 2000 by Paul Messenger “The midband is what you notice straight away here, and even though there’s good detail well into the treble, the combination of excellent mid balance and perspectives alongside quite startling dynamic tension and realism, is what