Obligato & Virtuoso Reviews

These review extracts were found on archived versions of Beauhorn.com but the links to their sources cannot always be found.

Hi-Fi News, January 1999

by Steve Harris

Reviewing the single-ended power amplifier.

“… works well with the Thomas Virtuosos…”

” …lives up to the Thomas blurb, which bandies the words ‘relaxed’, ‘involving’ and ‘natural’.”

And the Virtuoso Reference speakers in the February issue:

“For me, the best aspect of these speakers has always been the midrange, which had great immediacy and effortless detail…

“…certainly quite different from the coloured- sounding Lowther speakers of old.”

Hi-Fi +, UK, June/July 2000

by Paul Messenger

Reviewing the Obligato.

“Beauhorn has its own matching amp, the 1697 Obligato, a single-ended, non-feedback valve design, with an input sensitivity appropriate for the speakers. It actually makes an excellent subjective partner for the speakers…”

Reviewing the Virtuoso Reference (DX4) speakers in the July/August issue.

“The Beauhorn Virtuosos simply manage to make music of all kinds more interesting and involving than conventional speakers.”

Listener magazine (USA), Time unknown

by Chris Beechings

Reviewing the Virtuosos.

His summary impression? “But overall these babies are so good, if you can afford them, and the rest of your system is good enough, you should.”

What Hi-Fi? magazine

August, year unknown

a two page review of the Virtuoso References. The verdict?

“They’re not flawless, but in some respects these imposing Beauhorns approach the status of true genius”