Beauhorn Virtuoso Loudspeaker Review: Beauhorn to be Wild

What Hi-Fi? review, August 2000 issue, pp 72/3

by Ketan Bharadia

What Hi-Fi?

“…these Beauhorns produce some staggering results. Play large scale classical music such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and the Virtuosos deliver a fantastically fast and direct sound. …absolutely no smearing of leading edges: notes stop and start with a metronomic precision… sky-high levels of detail and wide-ranging dynamics. Just as impressive is the rock-solid imaging on offer that precisely places instruments in the soundstage.

“…The sum total of these talents is that the listener is seemingly transported into the concert venue – right into the best seats in the house. You can’t ask for much more than that.

“…superb realism with classical music”
And much more besides. On the debit side, he also mentions that the Virtuosos need matching with high quality amplifiers and front ends, and that on rock music they “…lack a certain degree of bass weight” which won’t please bass fiends. Elsewhere, we recommend heavy rockers to think in terms of the Visaton sub-woofer to boost the lowest octave.