The Virtuosos

Naked Music

Beauhorn’s Virtuosos reveal the emotional intensity of music with a clarity and realism that others simply do not achieve, giving instant gratification of your aural desires: music that can reach into your soul and touch your deepest feelings. Only Virtuosos offer such Nirvana.

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the Virtuosos

The stylish Virtuosos are high-end floorstanding loudspeakers which was reveal the emotion of music with a clarity and realism that others just do not achieve. In this, they are truly exceptional.

Each uses a single, high quality wide bandwidth drive unit. Its high sensitivity and smooth impedance curve means that whether you use a low-powered valve amplifier or potent monoblocks, your amplifier will remain unstressed with significantly improved dynamics and increased headroom.

The Virtuoso’s speed of transient response is formidable, this gives great clarity and dynamic power as well as revealing the different instrumental timbres with extraordinary delicacy. The Virtuoso is fully horn loaded (unlike most “horn” speakers) and uses exponential profiles for both the bass and the midrange horns.

The cabinets are commendably compact and the beauty of the real cherry or maple veneer and the high quality of the cabinet making means that they will grace any living room of reasonable size.

The Virtuoso Bronze is equipped with a Lowther PM6C drive unit and the Beauhorn 6 cm diameter phase plug.

Careful research and development has produced a frequency response which is level from 80 Hz to 13 kHz ±3 dB, which is to say that there is no unwanted peak to cause colouration. They are notable for their sweetness in the high midrange/treble.

The Virtuoso Gold is fitted with a Lowther PM2C driver, giving enhanced transparency, resolution and a wider response, from 60 Hz to 14 kHz 3 dB. Has been likened to an electrostatic in its clarity. Parallel black moudings on the front faces add a stylish touch to the appearance.

The Virtuoso Reference has the choice of Lowther’s potent new drivers with neodymium magnet assemblies, the DX3 or the DX4. We found it hard to believe that a faster transient response than the Virtuoso Gold’s was likely until we heard the DX3’s. But the increase in resolution of the essential microdynamics was unmistakable, that beautiful, relaxed open sound that only horns can deliver, brought to perfection.

Then, with the advent of the DX4, came the flinging aside of the final, flimsy, unperceived, veil between us and the music, now revealed naked in all its natural glory for the first time.

You may think that this a bit over the top. But then, have you heard the Virtuoso References?

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Axial height of the drive unit is 710 mm (2’4″)

The impedance is 8 ohms nom.,although the average is about 11 ohms, making them very easy for low powered amplifiers to drive.

Power handling is 30W nom.

Dimensions are 336 x 1045 x 672 mm (13 x 41 x 26 in)/WxHxD.

Weight approx. 35kg/78lb.

High quality of cabinet making is a feature of all models, using cherry or maple real wood veneers. The Virtuoso loudspeakers are very beautiful to look at as well as to listen to.

Optimal placement

Optimal placement is room dependent, either corner placement or a position up to 1 m from the walls may be most satisfactory.