Enjoyment boost for Lowther fans


Beauhorn press release (circa 2000)

Beauhorn, the British horn loudspeaker specialist, now offers enhanced services enjoyment for to devotees of Lowther driven speakers. By replacing the standard phase plug (the power black bullet-shape in the centre of the cone) with a larger, hand-turned wooden one from Beauhorn they can effect a sweetening of the treble response.

Unsolicited quote:

“Well Bob says that his phase plugs have made a tremendous difference in getting rid of the upper midrange Lowther lump, and also calmed down the highs to the point that he no longer had listener fatigue. He highly recommended them.”


Lowther aficionados exist in their thousands, from America to the Far East. The many hundreds of pages of information and discussion about the various designs, mainly DIY jobs, existing on internet web sites are proof of an avid interest.

While they universally take delight in the quality of the midrange delivered by their Lowthers, many find the astringency of the treble with some recordings hard to endure.

In response to the volume of enquiries from Lowther owners wanting to improve their enjoyment, Beauhorn is now making the 6 cm diameter phase plugs available – without the rest of speaker. They simply screw into the drive unit pole piece in place of the existing plugs and while they are not claimed to resolve completely the problem, they do make a valuable difference.

Prices are: UK: 70 GBP including VAT, USA 100.00USD. Carriage and insurance included.