Prices and Specifications for 2001

A post like this makes one wish for a time machine. But this info might still be useful to the community, so it is included here.

Over the course of the year 2000 we have raised the cabinet making specifications to include: better mitres; more coherent veneering along the front face and the cabinet top; and the use of midrange horn side pieces machined from solid cherry wood, thus enhancing the appearance of the Virtuosos. Our phase plugs are now machined on an automatic lathe, improving consistency.

From January, we are upgrading the internal wiring to a Nordost cable, producing slightly enhanced sound quality.

Added to these increased costs, Lowther drive unit prices are going up again in January. In consequence, from 1 January, 2001, Beauhorn UK prices will be as follows:

[table id=1 /]