Legacy Links


Old and archived. Good luck with them!

Here are some informative and relevant links which you might like to try, especially if you’re into building your own horns (good luck):

Many of these links go to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Expect some links to be broken.

AudioNova Swedish ezine, audio DIY oriented, with enormous links list

Bottlehead Forum Thorsten tells you a lot about making horns you want to listen to

horn info and design from Mr Dunker

more about designing your own horns from John Burton

background info on Lowther drivers (Darmah)

interesting and informative pages about audio, speakers, Lowther etc. (James Melhuish)

extensive list of other audio sites (alphabetical) (finest1)

another famous list of audio related sites from Steve Ekblad

more interesting audio websites (roadsters)

a list of hundreds of audio manufacturers sites (Eirik Storeng)

a club of Lowther enthusiasts in America

Lowther Loudspeakers home pages

(Lowther club – Netherlands; bd-design)

(Lowther club – Netherlands)

a marketplace for buying and selling hifi; and makers, retailers, recording co’s & mags. links

Magazines & ezines

EnjoyTheMusic – Thorsten’s review of a FFRR (full frequency range reproducing) reference system – includes Virtuosos

Stereo Times – read the London Hi-Fi Show ’99 review

TNT-Audio – read the review of the Virtuosos

Hi-Fi + – read the review of the Virtuosos

What Hi-Fi? – read the review of the Virtuosos

Hi-Fi World

Hi-Fi Choice

Beauhorn Dealers [circa 2001]

Beauhorn in Edinburgh

Beauhorn in London

Beauhorn in the USA

Beauhorn in Malaysia

Recommended Accessories

Visaton ASM-T25: a sub-woofer that can match the Virtuosos

Townshend Seismic Sink speaker stands and transmission line speaker cable

van den Hul interconnects and speaker cables

Here are some other useful links for you, including the Gramophone archive of 24,000 record reviews

To see what reviewers said about particular recordings or to choose the best of a bunch, follow the link: gramophone reviews archive

Here’s a handy resource if you’re searching for rare CD or LP recordings, memorabilia, accessories and more: More Music