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Of Horn Loudspeakers and Single-Ended amplifiers

  by David Wright Unlike sealed-box loudspeakers, where behaviour can be modelled accurately within a computer programme, and bass-reflex types, which can be closely approximated, no such treatment is available for horn loading. Indeed, their behaviour has still to be completely analysed, while their interactions

Lowther C Series driver

A chat about Lowther drivers

Lowther drivers and horns We had an interesting telephone conversation recently with a gentleman in Hong Kong. Basically, he wanted to know why we had chosen to use the Lowther ‘C’ range (ceramic magnets) drivers in our Virtuosos, rather than the ‘A’ range (Alnico magnets)., Again

Welcome to our first post, a new beginning standing on the shoulders of the Beauhorn speaker legacy. Since Beauhorn shut down, there hasn’t been a site to centralize knowledge of Beauhorn’s speakers. Thankfully, we’ve been able to register, so it can still be a place