, Again

Welcome to our first post, a new beginning standing on the shoulders of the Beauhorn speaker legacy. Since Beauhorn shut down, there hasn’t been a site to centralize knowledge of Beauhorn’s speakers. Thankfully, we’ve been able to register, so it can still be a place for Beauhorn speaker owners to form a community, share our experiences, knowledge, and expertise; and to preserve and extend the enjoyment of these extraordinary SET amps speakers.

And since we want to preserve the original site’s opening message, it read:

Welcome to the Beauhorn page

the home of natural, living sound

British made Beauhorn Virtuoso true horn speakers sound so real, it’s positively sexy. They are unsurpassed for clarity, three dimensional imaging and making pure music. Their high sensitivity, over 100 dB, and full horn loading, (they’re not just bass horns) make them real high-end audio speakers. Their delicate reproduction of micro-dynamics brings the ambience alive and makes the music sound like a real performance . They are ideal to partner high quality, low noise, single ended triode tube amplifiers. And they are reasonably compact and reasonably inexpensive for their kind (less than 5000 GBP, including tax in the UK).

Readers were also welcomed with:

Are you yearning for the true sound of musical performances? Then this site is for you. If you know what a live performance sounds like and you want that realism from your cherished recordings, in your own living room, Beauhorn speakers are for you. Only Beauhorn’s full horn speakers will give you truly authentic reproduction.