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Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2001 Report

This was our second appearance at this show. We got an award, this time. As Hi-Fi + reported in the May/June issue: “Beauhorn were achieving their normal excellent results, the compliantly mounted (a la Townshend Seismic Stand) horn speakers being driven from a Nottingham Analogue

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London Hi-Fi Show Report, 1999

1999 23/26 September [To read the Stereo Times review of the Show, and it’s interesting, visit our links page. Adnam Arduman said “This was one of the very good sounds of the show…” Was he talking about Beauhorn? You bet!] IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS

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Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2000 Report

The Bristol show has grown in strength and popularity in recent years, so we thought we’d make an appearance this year. It was a good decision, and apart from the ten minutes when someone kindly locked the public out, we were busy the whole time.