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    The affair that takes place in the evening came from Yan to fly of anticipate, struck with fright or horror from the first, especially experience afterwards, let the Yan fly more to face a life and death test, however make him greatly open new vista at the same time, let him know there are so several terrible real strenght that overturn mankind’s common sense of being personal, having already had in the world.Pass the affair that takes place in the evening, the Yan flies and finally discovers his/her own real strenght just in the world mostly is placed in where, and make him have the struggling target of continuing.He also wants to break human body extreme limit, he also wants to own the state of absolute being, Plantation shutters he also likes to be an absolute being class superior, and he also likes to be that one of minority of several individuals.
    Isn’t only single thus, the all person’s horses that appears in the evening also let the Yan fly long knowledge, he not only knew to those tradition several years big noble families of strong, also knew absolute being class between common Wu Zhe and superior of margin exactly have much big.China especially frequently set especially the emergence of the work, even still let the Yan fly to move at 1:00.Although the nation didn’t say more on six Ping pings and Liu Ting Ting’s affair what, don’t stop one’s ears to these two affairs.And is secretly sending export surplus class the superior come to destroy completely Sa Xin Pai even is a shot to kill Huo mountain, nation of this activity, also be regarded as to must rise Yan to fly to nation of trust.
    The Yan flies inclined lie on the seat of cockpit, think tonight’s situation, slowly feel very exhausted.He connects a field war tonight, there are some timeses all body suffering from severely wounded, if isn’t the super strong treatment function that he suddenly discovers a black ball, die unnatural death perhaps and early now.The much less unmanned machine machine body got hurt to cause Yan’s flying a getting hurt of essence, this condition of the injury without shadow invisible, but the but again reality exists, even if the black ball can not also quickly resume this condition of the injury.So till now, the Yan flies of the arms still have a benumbed felling, own absolute being soul still feels to tear to pieces of ache.
    The Yan flies although the mysterious energy that makes use of a black ball several times quickly resumed a condition of the injury,the instauration of this condition of the injury isn’t to have no price, it has already overdrawn the latent vitality that the Yan flies, so if the Yan flies hereafter can not make up the deficiency words of this kind of vitality, he appear the circumstance of folding the life.
    The Yan flew to feel exhausted and knew that this is the reaction that the body appears naturally.However he didn’t lie down a sleeping right away, Plantation shutters but from the in general use space in took out some precious Chinese herbal medicine to take, made use of these Chinese herbal medicine to make up own spirit blood deficiency.Then the Yan fly to again open quantum radar and scanned sand dune the environment on all sides, after seeing have no other circumstances, and then give assistance Zhi brain bottom reach guard’s task, oneself finally just lie down and immediately fall asleep, start resuming oneself’s physical strength.

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