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    The Yan flies to understand in the heart, this is the China to prepare to pass oneself to have to deliver some important intelligence report to the destruction of saving the person.He says right away:”BE what kind of important intelligence report?”
    Visit bateau is not beat around the bush either, but keep into topic, she says:”What we have already found out, kidnap dreamlike island employee is an extreme organization of Africa, the name of this extreme organization calls” African brilliance”, the reputation of this organization isn’t very big, and organize members also few.”
    Yan’s flying is ability that pass artificial intelligence”fantasy”‘s fish a needle from the sea, from several 1,000,000,000 people in the world in find out of really be fierce to, what he depended on is “fantasy” violent information collections and analytical skill, but has never thoughts China can be so finding out this to kidnap organization in short time as well.This also explains from the on the side, the China owns strong intelligence report ability in Africa, although they there is no the help of artificial intelligence, but collected equally accurate intelligence report through own intelligence people.
    The Yan flies to pretend for the first time name of hearing this organization, he curiously asks a way:”This organization since has no reputation, the hand is also few, so they why want to aim at a dreamlike island, kidnap the person of dreamlike island?”
    The Yan flies although the hostage that has already saved to return to dreamlike island also discovers to kidnap the cat behind affairs to get fed up with this time, still some to the behavior that organize this of the ” African brilliance” difficult to understand, so take this opportunity, at the right moment to visit bateau inquiry.
    Visit bateau to say:”Concrete circumstance we temporarily not just and very clear, however we have already confirmed, the rice country cia participates in this time affairs in.Is exactly a rice country the cia betwixt set on, “African brilliance” would make moves to deal with you dreamlike island.As for the rice country cia exactly promised “African brilliance” organization what condition, not just very clear currently plantation shutters.”
    The Yan flies to say:”Shine on you to say so, this” African brilliance”just a not famous group knit, why will the rice the people seek to ascend them?”
    Visit bateau to say:”If you feel that the other party, this organization members is few, the fame isn’t big, you small lo they of words, you will eat big Kui while facing them.”
    The Yan flies already and”African brilliance” meeting lead noodles, if isn’t the help that”fantasy” and Yang Qi makes those equipmentses, he early ate big Kui.However he still keeps packing the appearance of one vice- curious about baby and says:”Why will eat big Kui?”
    Visit saying of bateau circumspect:Although”” African brilliance” is a group to knit,their leaders are very severe.The name that organizes leader calls big fiesta department, is a real absolute being class black superior, very severe.Absolute being class superior’s real strenght is strong, have already broken mankind ability extreme limit, very difficult be thoroughly killed.So if the confidence that didn’t put out to kill this organization absolute being class superior don’t definitely easily deal with this organization.Once can not thoroughly reply to put out this organization, so will face the crary revenge that the big fiesta takes charge of.”
    The Yan flies to certainly know the big fiesta of”African brilliance” leader takes charge of badly, not only such, he still in person and the big fiesta department once exchanged blows and had already accepted big fiesta to take charge of badly.An absolute being class superior, is tantamount to the strategic arms existence of nuclear weapon machine sort, so no one will deal with the organization of owning the absolute being class superior on his/her own initiative, unless both are endlessly deathless, have to carry on the war of life and death.

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