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    The Yan flies to aim at this circumstance to have already had should to the project, so seem to be very very thin to settle while truely facing this circumstance.He is from the in general use space in take out one huge iron Qiao of chasing, the beginning is in the mineral hole of front carry on scooping out a homework, those mud that are scooped out right away was flown by the Yan to accept into in general use space.Because need not consider the porterage work of mud, this makes the speed that the Yan flies to scoop out forward consumedly raise.Plus the Yan fly the physical strength in nowadays violent, of the hands the strength is huge, so the speed that he scoops out forward is very quick.
    At the time of scooping out, also mix some large piece of stones in the mud, these large piece of stone lists basically can not move with personal strength, however fly to own in general use space in the Yan so much, can let he at moment solve the hard nut to crack that this common run of people can not solve.
    After the hour, the half’s Yan flew to scoop out 10 meters finally and forward.Show in the stereoscopic map in, the stone wall behind of the left side was the wall dime of underground treasury.Is already New York at this time 7:00 p.m.(local time), from the Yan fly after starting getting into subway tunnel, he has already nowise let up in the underground of work for two hours, is violent such as he also felt some weariness.
    The Yan flies to take out that black ball from the in general use space and made use of the mysterious energy in the black ball to resume a bodily exhausted felling, he stands at first take a rest for a while, then start the wall direction of facing underground treasury excavation.After ten minutes best hunting knife, the Yan flies the loose soft rock layer that will close to underground treasury to dig to open and met inside’s strongest and tough rock layer.In the stereoscopic map, the shown this thickness comes to a five meters, but in this behind, is a huge underground treasury reinforced concrete to reach a piece.
    Here already extreme close to underground treasury, underground treasury to the point certainly install various measure of guarding against theft, also include to guard against to those behaviors that want to pass to scoop out tunnel into treasury from the underground.So the Yan flies if adopt to before make use of explosive deep-fried fall a rocky method to pass this rock of layer, so definitely will be discovered by the underground treasury, cause to fail by a small margin.So for silently having no passing of voice interest very thick rock layer, the Yan flies to adopt the most original method-beat hole.
    The Yan flew to conjecture this and made sure the direction that goes forward all of a sudden, then from the in general use space in take out a huge steel Han, stretches into and starts prying rock from a blind side of stone wall.The this steel Han quality is very good, it is what purchase in the tool store of New York before Yan fly, be for using in the turning point.His current strength is very terrible, just lightly make an effort a to pry, pried a piece of rock on the rock layer, then this rock be accepted into in general use space by him right away, didn’t send out what loudly move.
    Is very quick, those rocks with blind side were all flown by the Yan to pry, rocks layer of inside became neat and smooth and didn’t can lend the places of dint any further.However the Yan flies is not displeased either, he settles steel Han on the rock, a hand holds, moreover a hand lightly orders coping at the steel Han, in the Yan fly a transfer whole body strength one shot under, the steel Han silently has no an interest of drilled into rock in, then the Yan fly hands to make an effort, will larger quick of the rock pried down.
    Yan’s flying this method is more similar than China stone mason to use hammer son the shot beat steel Han to mine rock, however China what stone mason use is a hammer son, the hammer son bumps a shot steel Han of time will send out a huge voice ring.But his action then made the most of the technique of making an effort of inborn superior, just lightly at 1:00, is tantamount to a human body one shot is with all strength.Thus the steel Han is beaten in stone wall, but can’t send out again what voice ring, is exactly the circumstance that is suitable for Yan to fly to face now.

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