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    Home is a personal place. that creates joy, relief, as well as being the center of the mind of those who live in the family And whoever is looking to buy a house now is a golden age of buying assets that are very well kept.

    due to the spread of COVID-19 As a result, new homes have been cut in price until they are attractive, making it seem like things have opened up a lot of opportunities for us to buy a house these days. However, before deciding to buy a house. We need to learn many reasons. One of the most important components is home feng shui. What kind of house is already wealthy? Support to bring prosperity or not?

    The house is already rich. Call the property. Call the property.

    Feng Shui houses and houses are synonymous with each other. with the idea that If the house is positioned according to Feng Shui principles It will be a mascot for the house. But good things come There is only wealth It’s a good addition to your home. However, if the components of the house are placed incorrectly, they must follow Feng Shui.

    May cause energy in the house to be sucked out. which if it is a village project You may not be able to choose a house that matches the feng shui principles you want. But it can be improved at certain points.

    good house appearance

    According to the belief of feng shui If someone builds or buys a house with a width similar to a rectangular shape or features that are long and บ้านคอนโด deep It is considered a house style that enhances the feng shui of a wealthy home. will make the owner of the house happy bring wealth to the homeowner It’s called that it doesn’t hurt until

    auspicious position

    Auspicious direction Most people like to choose houses that face east or north. Continuing from almost all day, the sun did not shine on the house. make it essentially not hot Then according to the science of Feng Shui, the house is regarded as the water element. making the house seen, but peace and quiet always having luck

    different room positions

    Looking at the characteristics of the house according to good feng shui principles Therefore, every component of the house should be looked at. Especially the location of the rooms where we and our family members need to live in that area every day. according to the functions of the various rooms that are good contemplating from the main

    gold bag

    Feng Shui principles like having a very open space in the back of the house. It is not popular for the house to be close to the wall. or left little space Because it will cause energy or wind not blowing through the house. In addition to making them feel uncomfortable. It also causes wealth and property to flow into the house uncomfortable.

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